The Cannabis plant is an Angiosperm (a flowering plant). Cannabis plants originated in Central Asia or at the foothills of the Himalayas. Hemp from the Cannabis plant is considered a strong fibre, used in many industries, such as the textile industry and clothing. The diagram below gives you an idea of the classification of the plant:

cannabaceae infographic

There is a lot of debate surrounding the species of the Cannabis plant. Four species may be recognised. However, some believe Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis and Cannabis afghanica may be subspecies of Cannabis sativa.


Hemp and Marijuana plants are varieties of the Cannabis plant. They share similarities, but are also very different in terms of their physical and chemical compositions.

As the Cannabis plant is an Angiosperm (a flowering plant), it’s offspring is classified as female and male:

  • Female offspring: Marijuana
  • Male offspring: Hemp

The female offspring, the Marijuana plant, has broad leaves that are dense. The buds of the Marijauna plant are rich in THC. On the other hand, Hemp plants are taller, the leaves are skinny and the buds have a low THC content.

Additionally, CBD products are produced with a low THC content (broad-spectrum CBD should contain less than 0.2% THC). The CBD in our CBD products come from the Cannabis sativa L. plant, generally known as industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp is cultivated to produce CBD-rich buds with a low THC content.

The diagram below gives you an idea of how CBD and THC stem from Hemp and Marijuana plants respectively and how this effects their chemical composition:

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